Pliatus 1500 bhp Carbon Fibre GT-R

Project description

Pilatus aircraft  are a Swiss aviation company that are considered to be the market leader in the single engine turbo prop market. Like all things Swiss, their craftsmanship is exceptional, their product flawless and their passion for what they do enviable.

The company has some pretty sophisticated technology in their aircraft, which spawned the creation of the one of a kind 1,500 BHP, carbon fibre Pilatus Nissan GT-R race car. For the car heads out there a typical F1 car produces anywhere between 800 – 1,000 BHP depending on the manufacturer. You get the idea anyway, it’s fast.

We were asked to produce a piece of content that showcased one of their Flagship aircraft – The Pilatus PC – 12, whilst also showing the synergies between the race car and the PC -12………..oh and incorporating the Pilatus PC 6 used for Miltary training. So they weren’t asking for much (-;

Some of the production challenges we faced for the shoot included:

Logistics: Closing down an operational airforce base for the shoot
Controlling the shoot: operating within the restricted airspace with the military aircraft and the car without trying to compromise the shoot concept too much
Working with the Australian CEO: to ensure that the messaging and concept met the usual company ‘Swiss standard’

It was one of the most memorable shoots – for both us and Pilatus as we left 10 little souvenir finger imprints in the carbon dashboard of the car when getting taken for a ‘quick ride’. You’ll hear the stats of the car at the end of the video. VERY impressive.


Project detail

  • Concept development
  • Script Development
  • Aerials
  • Production & post production
  • Soundtrack composition
  • Video marketing

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