Natural Sciences Loop - Eulo Mud Bath

Project description

In far west Queensland (ie: the REAL outback) there is a hidden gem known as the Natural Sciences Loop.

We were asked by the local Shire Councils and the State Government South West Regional Economic Development board (SWRED) to produce a mini series that highlighted the various tourist attractions around the loop, in an effort to drive more visitors through the region.

After meeting with the team we decided on a Get-Away style video series, which sounded like great idea, but involved a lot of work to get it all off the ground and delivered. For this project we had to

  • write and develop scripts for each attraction
  • select suitable on-screen talent and presenter
  • source a suitable sound track
  • harden the ^&%$ up – after all, we were a bunch of city boys heading out west. Needless to say we provided endless entertainment to the local communities as we tried to make our way around the local townships.

These regional projects are something that we have experience in. It’s always a challenge to come up with new ideas so that we don’t fall into the cookie cutter approach and have all of them looking the same. That challenge is part of the appeal of doing projects like these, as well as being able to get out into some of the most isolated areas of the country and meet some really great people.


Project detail

  • Concept development
  • Script development
  • Production & post production
  • Soundtrack writing and production
  • Video marketing

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