MND & ME - Swim Carnival

Project description

MND and Me is a charity started by Motor Neurone Disease sufferer, Scott Sullivan.

The charity exists to provide both financial and non financial support to people suffering from this disease, of which there is no cure.

As part of the fund raising efforts, the foundation hold an annual swimming carnival which sees some of Brisbane’s top tier accounting and legal firms don their budgie smugglers and swim for a cause. We were asked to produce a piece of content which showcased the event, so that in future it could be used as a way of getting people to get involved in the carnival. Our job was made slightly easier by having the likes of TV personality Sophie Formica as well as sports stars such as Susie O’neil, Mitch Larkin and Courtney Hancock.

We were also required to provide a little help on the video marketing side of things, which required the set up of a video landing page that hosted the video and captured the emails of people so that the foundation could grow their event database.

It was a great event to be part of and something that we hope we get the chance to do again next year.





Project detail

  • Concept development
  • Production & post production
  • Script development
  • Soundtrack sourcing
  • Video marketing - landing pages

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