iPac Merger with Paul Clitheroe

Project description

This was the first piece of content we did for the Tynan McKenzie / iPac merger which featured a guest spot by Australian Finance personality, Paul Clitheroe.

The objective was to produce some content that gave existing clientele:

  • insight into how and why the merger came about
  • assurance  that transition would be seamless and it would just be ‘business as usual’
  • insight into some of the benefits and syngergies that resulted from the merger

Time was of a premium on this one as we had to get the shoot finished so that Paul could make a return lunchtime flight back to Sydney. The concept was fairly simple which made the logistics a little easier. There was a last minute concept change which made the one camera set up a little more challenging, but in the end we got there and the client got what they were after.




Project detail

  • Concept development
  • Production & post production
  • Soundtrack sourcing

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