Tynan Mackenzie iPac

Project description

After a long history of working together in the finance sector, Tynan McKenzie / iPac merged to take advantage of their joint synergies and offer clients a stronger set of  financial services.

As part of their continuing commitment to their client base, the new business entity conducted a series of roadshows to explain the impacts of the  2013 Federal Budget, particularly on superannuation.

We were asked to create a short piece of content for the start of the road show that ‘woke people up’ and got their attention. The content had to give the audience a taste of what the day was going to be about, and budget (and time) was limited.

We jumped on iStock, and worked with the re-brand project manager and Head of Marketing to create this short piece. It’s a great example of how stock footage and limited budget can still get you a professional looking piece of content.




Project detail

  • Concept development
  • Script development
  • Production & post production
  • Soundtrack sourcing

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