The Sunburys: Live Recording Session VR 360 video

Project description

For best viewing experience:

For Mobile Device:

  • Download and install the YouTube app on your mobile device
  • Use the YouTube app on your device to open the VR 360 video
  • to open this video in the YouTube app click on VR 360 video - The Sunburys - No Direction  in the top left hand corner of the video player above
  • Where possible use a wifi connection instead of mobile data.

For Desktop:

  • Use chrome or firefox browsers (Safari currently does not support VR 360 video)
  • Select the highest quality video setting on the YouTube player that your internet connection will allow.

Local Brisbane band ' The Sunburys' recently dropped by the studio for a live recording session. In addition to the doco we filmed of the project, we also captured this VR 360 video of one of their performances.





Project detail

  • Concept development
  • Live band recording
  • Audio mix and mastering
  • Production & post production

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